Our Experiments

Our derivation of the unification of action and entropy relies on the hypothesis that “particles move via the discrete Bernoulli Process”.


Using the scientific method, we experimented.
Experimental results
6 sigma of periodicity explained by the hypothesis
Fourier Transform of magnitude of jitter on atomic clock for the past 2 years.
The spike at one cycle per sidereal day is explained by the hypothesis.
Data is further supportive of hypothesis
A measurement of the phase reveals when jitter is maximum
By measuring the phase at 1 cycle per sidereal day we find the boarder of the constellation Leo/Crater is on the Easter Horizon when the jitter is at a maximum
A measurement of the magnitude reveals how fast we are moving towards Virgo
$$\text { We find that } v_{z \perp}=0.001 \mathrm{c}$$
This measurement matches the velocity of Earth in the Cosmic Microwave Reference Frame as measured by the Planck Collaboration


Our first experiment is measuring diffusion in time. A second experiment is underway to ratify our hypothesis
Our next experiment is measuring diffusion in space.  In this case 2 spikes should be present, one at 1 cycle per sidereal day from the variance in sample timing and one at 2 cycles per sidereal day as the main dimension of the resistor orients itself with the Sun’s velocity.  Conclusions should be available soon.
\begin{align}\text{Signal} &= \text{AC Power}_{s}^{2} + \text{AC Power}_{x}^{2} \notag \\&= k_{B} T B \frac{\lvert v_{e} \rvert}{c} \sqrt{\frac{\hbar}{\mathtt{t}mc^{2}}} cos(2 \pi f_{SR} t - \vartheta )\notag \\&+\frac{\left|v_{z\perp}\right|^{2}}{4c^{2}}\frac{\hbar}{\mathtt{t}^{2}} \cos(2 \pi 2 f_{SR}t - 2 \varsigma +\pi) \notag\end{align}
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