Galileo suggested a steady moving ship could not be distinguished from solid ground without looking outside that ship for a reference .
Newton introduced his 1st Law of motion which defined an inertial
reference frame.  Newton also suggested an absolute frame set by the
fixed stars.
Michaelson & Morely’s null result on the variation of the speed of light,
severely challenged Newton’s absolute reference frame.
Lorentz devised his transformation which set the stage for the unification of space and time.
Einstein put the nail in the coffin of Newton’s absolute reference frame when he gave the postulates of special relativity which say that all physical laws are the same in all inertial reference frames.
• An assumption of the discrete Bernoulli Process does not change the derivation of special relativity, in fact we choose the parameters to meet SR exactly.
• However, consideration of the variance of space-time defines a unique reference frame where jitter is minimized.
• If we can condition the first postulate of special relativity to only apply to the mean value of a coordinate, not its variance, we still get all the conclusions of SR and allow for this new physics.
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